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As a native Floridian, Lynn Sholes, writing as Lynn Armistead McKee, was intrigued by the prehistoric people of Florida leading to the writing of her EDGE OF THE NEW WORLD series.


Long before the arrival of Columbus to the new world, a magnificent and brave people flourished in a verdant tropical land. Their culture, steeped in spiritual life and tradition, provided them sacred wisdom and strength that survived generations.

In this land of abundance, a young a woman, Teeka, surrendered her heart to the shaman’s son, Auro. But when a raiding rival tribe invaded their peaceful village and she was stolen away by their leader, her life changed forever.

WOMAN OF THE MISTS is available in print and ebook.


In ancient times, the tribes of the Florida Everglades lived a life rich with tradition and ritual. But it was the shaman, endowed with his wisdom, knowledge of the spiritual world, and powerful visions, who guided his people.

Mi-sa, the shaman’s daughter, was born under a shooting star and inherited his magical gifts. But she was misunderstood by her clan and feared as a spirit of the Darkside. Enduring hatred and hardship, her courage gave her strength to seek her destiny that would change the fate of her people.

TOUCHES THE STARS is available in print and ebook.


Amidst a fierce storm, Mi-sa, the beautiful shaman, was torn from her escort in an enemy attack. Destined to save her people, she sought a partnership with a stranger, Cota, the proud and powerful chief of a rival tribe. Mi-sa knows that this man is not a true stranger, for he has appeared in her visions and dreams. Their alliance is the only thing that can preserve her clan.

KEEPER OF DREAMS is available in print and ebook.



In a time long before the arrival of the Spaniards, Cimmera runs through the biting saw grass and shallow water of the untamed Everglades. She is frantic, remembering hazy images of battle, sorrow, heartache, and loss. Finding shelter from an angry storm she scrambles up onto a small tree island. As the thunder roars and the rain falls, Cimmera discovers she is covered in blood and is without a memory, without a tribe, and without knowledge of what she has done or who her enemy might be. Her only clue is the mysterious knife she carries.

WALKS IN STARDUST is available in print and ebook.


A descendant of a cursed bloodline, Talli, a woman of the Jeaga Turtle clan, is not worthy of becoming the woman of the man she lovesóAkoma. He is the son of the cacique and is destined to become the next noble leader of the clan. When the Jeaga are threatened by a rival tribe, the Turtle clan and the Panther clan form an alliance. To seal the agreement, Talli is given to a warrior of the Panther, and Akoma must choose a Panther woman as his wife.

Though heartbroken and never stopping to yearn for Akoma, Talli realizes that her sacrifice may be the way to release her from her dishonorable legacy. But when the Panther cacique betrays the Turtle clan, she must risk everything so save the only man she has ever loved.

SPIRIT OF THE TURTLE WOMAN is available in print and ebook.


Ages ago, in the tropical Caribbean before the arrival of Columbus, a young child lost all she knew and loved . . . but through unbreakable courage, she forged a new life.

Nyna is awakened in the blackness of night to find her peaceful Taino village under attack by the savage Caribs. In a frantic effort to save Nyna, her parents shove her out to sea in an empty enemy dugout, hoping the current and wind will bring her to rest on another Taino island. Nyna witnesses the massacre of her mother and her father as they heroically sacrifice their lives to save her. For days she drifts beneath the searing sun, huddled and alone in the piragua. She awakens to find the dugout aground on a beautiful white beach. But this is not the beach her parents had hoped for. She is amongst a strange people who will never accept her.

Nyna is not like anyone they have ever seen before. On her small wrist she wears a bracelet so brilliant some believed it was made from the sun. Many believe that she is evil and should be outcast. Yet, Joog sees Nyna as a gentle girl who is frightened and desperate. He becomes her protector and friend, and when she finds herself trapped by terrible danger, Joog and his love for her is the only thing that can save her.

DAUGHTER OF THE FIFTH MOON is available in print and ebook.


This omnibus edition includes the first four books in the series. Long before Columbus arrived in the New World, a proud and courageous people thrived in a unique environment—the Everglades. Their culture was steeped in mysticism and respect for the spirits and their heritage. Yet even in such a distant time, their lives were rich with triumph and devastation, unbreakable spirit and hardship, passion and heartbreaking loss.

This EDGE OF THE NEW WORLD box set of books 1-4 is available in ebook.

This omnibus edition includes books 5 and 6 in the EDGE OF THE NEW WORLD series.

This EDGE OF THE NW WORLD box set of books 5-6 is available in ebook.